Topic 1 – Exam A

Question #1Topic 1

Which attribute must be present in all filter rules in AEM dispatcher configuration?

  • A. /type
  • B. /selectors
  • C. /url
  • D. /glob

Question #2Topic 1

Which property under /cache on dispatcher.any file identifies the directory where cached files are stored?

  • A. /invalidate
  • B. /statfile
  • C. /docroot
  • D. /cacheroot

Question #3Topic 1

Which environment-specific configuration is used in AEM as a Cloud Service to store private API keys?

  • A. $[env:ENV_VAR_NAME]
  • B. $[env:SECRET_VAR_NAME]
  • C. $[secret:SECRET_VAR_NAME]
  • D. $[secret:ENV_VAR_NAME]

Question #4Topic 1

A developer has to create a Logger and Writer pair for the company’s application logging.
Which OSGi configurations should the developer use?

  • A. Apache Sling Logging Logger Configuration and Apache Sling Logging Configuration
  • B. Apache Sling Request Logger and Apache Sling Logging Writer Configuration
  • C. Apache Sling Logging Logger Configuration and Apache Sling Logging Writer Configuration

Question #5Topic 1

If multiple configurations for the same PID are applicable, which configuration is applied?

  • A. The last modified configuration is applied.
  • B. The configuration with the highest number of matching run modes is applied.
  • C. The one that occurs first in the repository is applied.
  • D. A configuration factory is created and all configurations are applied.

Question #6Topic 1

Which configuration/section should be used to resolve the domain name by dispatcher?

  • A. Configuration in vhosts file
  • B. Configuration in filters.any
  • C. Configuration in httpd.conf
  • D. Configuration in DNS

Question #7Topic 1

Which configuration must be applied to enable re-fetching of cached items based on Cache Headers sent by AEM?

  • A. /autoInvalidate true
  • B. /autoInvalidate “1”
  • C. /enableTTL true
  • D. /enableTTL “1”

Question #8Topic 1

A developer needs to create a runmode-specific OSGi configuration for an AEM as a Cloud Service implementation.
In which location should the OSGi configuration be created?

  • A. core project, (/core/..,/config.<runmode>) folder
  • B. ui.config project, (/config/…/config.<runmode>) folder
  • C. all project, (/all/…/config.<runmode>) folder
  • D. ui.apps project, (/apps/…/config.<runmode>) folder

Question #9Topic 1

An AEM application wants to set up multi-tenancy using Adobe-recommended best practices and bind multiple configurations to it.
Which of the following options is recommended?

  • A. import org.apache.felix.scr.annotations.Component;
    @Component(label = “My configuration”, metatype = true, factory= true)
  • B. import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Component;
    @Component(service = ConfigurationFactory.class)
  • C. import org.osgi.service.metatype.annotations.AttributeDefinition; import org.osgi.service.metatype.annotations.ObjectClassDefinition;
    @ObjectClassDefinition(name = “My configuration”)
  • D. import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Component;
    import org.osgi.service.metatype.annotations.Designate;
    @Component(service = ConfigurationFactory.class)
    @Designate(ocd = ConfigurationFactorylmpl.Config.class, factory=true)

Question #10Topic 1

An AEM application requires LDAP Service integration to synchronize users/groups.
Which two OSGi configuration are required for LDAP integration in AEM? (Choose two.)

  • A. Apache Jackrabbit Oak AuthorizableActionProvider
  • B. Apache Jackrabbit Oak Solr server provider
  • C. Apache Jackrabbit Oak CUG Configuration
  • D. Apache Jackrabbit Oak External Login Module
  • E. Apache Jackrabbit Oak Default Sync Handler

Question #11Topic 1

A client is having issues with some query results:
Many of the client’s industry terms have the same meaning, and users do not always search the exact wording
Many users search by typing in short phrases instead of exact keywords, ex:// “cats and dogs”
What index analyzers should the AEM developer recommend?

  • A. 1. Add a Mapping filter to the current indexes
    2. Add a Stop filter to the current indexes
  • B. 1. Tokenize the current indexes with a Keyword tokenizer
    2. Add a Mapping filter to the current indexes
  • C. 1. Add a Synonym filter to the current indexes
    2. Add a Stop filter to the current indexes
  • D. 1. Add a Synonym filter to the current indexes
    2. Add a LowerCase filter to the current indexes

Question #12Topic 1

An AEM server is overloaded with too many concurrently running workflows. The developer decides to reduce the number of concurrent workflows.
What should be configured to reduce the number of concurrent workflows?

  • A. The number of threads in Scheduler
  • B. The number of threads in Apache Felix Jetty Http Service
  • C. Launchers for each workflow
  • D. Maximum Parallel Jobs in OSGI console

Question #13Topic 1

A custom component has one dialog field:

The developer needs to implement a Sling Model to perform a business logic on the authored value. The developer writes the following HTL snippet.

Which two implementations will support this HTL snippet? (Choose two.)

  • A. 
  • B. 
  • C. 
  • D. 
  • E. 

Question #14Topic 1

A developer needs to create a new Title component. The requirements are:
1. The layout must be the same as the Title core component
2. The text property must have the page title as prefix (e.g., Page Title – <component text>)
3. The component must be reusable
Which approach is recommended?

  • A. 1. Create a Proxy Component of Title core component
    2. Create a Custom Sling Model that overrides the default behavior
    3. Customize the component template
  • B. 1. Create a custom component from scratch
    2. Create a Custom Sling Model for the component that follows the requirement
    3. Create a Model Exporter
  • C. 1. Create a Proxy Component from Title core component
    2. Create a Custom Sling Model that overrides the default behavior

Question #15Topic 1

A developer needs to create sling models for two fields name and occupations. The dialog has two fields, name – a single value field, and occupations – a multi value field.
The following code is included in sling models inherited from interface com.adobe.aem.guides.wknd.core.models.Byline

Which method should be used to represent this model in HTL?

  • A. 
  • B. 
  • C.
  • D. 

Question #16Topic 1

SPA components are connected to AEM components via the MapTo() method.
Which code should be used to correctly connect an SPA component called ItemList to its AEM equivalent?

  • A. (‘project/components/content/itemList’).MapTo(ItemList,ItemListEditConfig);
  • B. MapTo(‘project/components/content/itemList’)(ItemList,ItemListEditConfig);
  • C. ItemList.MapTo(‘project/components/content/itemList’);
  • D. MapTo(ItemList)(‘project/components/content/itemList’,ItemListEditConfig);

Question #17Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit.

The current page has three children.
What is the final rendered html output for the code snippet?

  • A. 
  • B. 
  • C. 
  • D. 

Question #18Topic 1

A developer needs to create a dynamic participant step where the participant is selected automatically at run time.
The developer decides to develop an OSGi service, which needs to implement the interface.
Which method should the developer implement from the interface?

  • A. String getParticipant(WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap metaDataMap)
  • B. void getParticipant(WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap metaDataMap)
  • C. String getDynamicParticipant(WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap metaDataMap)
  • D. void getDynamicParticipant(WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap metaDataMap)

Question #19Topic 1

An AEM application has a Header and Footer authored on every page.
The customer asks for the following:
1. A centralized Header and Footer
2. The ability to create a variation for both the Header and Footer
3. Change the Header and Footer for specific time periods
4. The ability to restore a previous version for both the Header and Footer
What should the developer use to meet the requirements?

  • A. Custom component
  • B. Content fragment
  • C. Static template
  • D. Experience fragment

Question #20Topic 1

AEM SPA integration provides various design models. In an application the developer chooses to use AEM as a headless CMS without using the SPA Editor SDK framework.
What would be an advantage for this design model?

  • A. The content author can edit the app using AEM’s content authoring experience.
  • B. The developer has full control over the app.
  • C. The SPA is compatible with the template editor.
  • D. The developer keeps control over the app by only enabling authoring in restricted areas of the app.

Question #21Topic 1

An AEM Developer needs to create a new component to help support a new product launch.
The client is on AEM 6.5 on-premise with the latest version of WCM Core Components
The component must include text, image, and a link
The component must support multiple designs
Which process should the AEM Developer use to support the launch?

  • A. 1. Extend the Teaser Component from Core Components
    2. Create style variations to be used in the Style System
  • B. 1. Create a new component by extending the Text Component from Core Components
    2. Add dialog properties and modify HTL to support images
  • C. 1. Extend the Text Component from Core Components
    2. Enable image manipulations for the Text Component via policy
  • D. 1. Create a new Image with Text component that exposes the Core Components authoring dialogs for those components
    2. Add a policy to define which designs are used

Question #22Topic 1

An AEM application is expected to export a content fragment in JSON format without any customization for a headless implementation.
What is the recommended approach?

  • A. Use AEM Assets HTTP API
  • B. Use Core components to export JSON
  • C. Use Sling Exporter framework

Question #23Topic 1

In a non-optimized website, the final HTML generated for a typical page by publish instance includes a relatively large number of <script> elements that refer to other script files loaded from AEM environment. The developer wants to minimize these network calls by combining all required client library code into a single file to reduce the number of back-and-forth requests on page load.
Which step should a developer take to solve this issue?

  • A. Embed the required libraries into an app-specific client library using the allowProxy property of the cq:ClientLibraryFolder node
  • B. Add the categories property of the cq:ClientLibraryFoider node into an app-specific client library folder
  • C. Embed the required libraries into an app-specific client library using the dependencies property of the cq:ClientLibraryFolder node
  • D. Embed the required libraries into an app-specific client library using the embed property of the cq:ClientLibraryFolder node

Question #24Topic 1

An AEM application development team is assigned a task to create an Event-Driven Data Layer implementation for an Analytics solution.
Which Adobe recommended best practice should the developer choose?

  • A. Use Adobe Experience Platform’s data layer to integrate with AEM.
  • B. Create a custom data layer and add each component, template, and its properties to the data layer.
  • C. Use Adobe Client Data Layer and integrate with Core components.
  • D. Create an Adobe Cloud Service configuration to use third-party tool’s data layer.

Question #25Topic 1

A developer is on an AEM application that is being used to calculate an employee’s salary. The calculation is done in an OSGi service called CalculationService. This service class has a dependency on one other service, called the EmployeeService.
How should the developer make sure that the critical code in the CalculationService has a high unit test coverage?

  • A. Use a mock framework in the unit test to inject the CalculationService
  • B. Instantiate the EmployeeService in the unit test and pass it to the constructor of the CalculationService
  • C. Use a mock framework in the unit test to inject the EmployeeService
  • D. Use the feature flag in the unit test to disable the calls to the EmployeeService

Question #26Topic 1

An AEM Developer receives requirements for Sling Models in a human-readable yaml format. A custom application needs to be built. The dependency is as shown:

After implementing ModelExporter, which method should be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. 1. Create OSGI models to export as yaml
    2. Configure mime type in Apache Sling MIME Type Service
  • B. 1. Create OSGI models to export as yaml
    2. Configure mime type in Apache Sling Servlet/Script Resolver and Error Handler
  • C. 1. Create Sling models to export as yaml
    2. Configure mime type in Apache Sling MIME Type Service
  • D. 1. Create Sling models to export as yaml
    2. Configure mime type in Apache Sling Referrer Filter

Question #27Topic 1

A developer needs to create a workflow custom process step in AEM. In a custom process step, an OSGi component needs to implement the WorkflowProcess interface.
Which method should the developer implement?

  • A. call
  • B. apply
  • C. execute
  • D. submit

Question #28Topic 1

A customer adds third-party client libraries to add some features in an existing AEM application, which will significantly reduce performance.
How should the developer optimize the site?

  • A. Embed client libraries to consolidate them into fewer files.
  • B. Debug third-party client lib and fix the code.
  • C. Rebuild Client libraries.

Question #29Topic 1

A snippet throws an exception at runtime:

What should the developer add to fix it?

  • A. defaultInjectionStrategy = DefaultInjectionStrategy property to @Model Class annotation
  • B. @Optional annotation to page field
  • C. throws Exception at the end of the init method declaration
  • D. SlingHttpServletRequest.class to adaptables property of @Model Class annotation

Question #30Topic 1

Which two unit testing dependencies are generated by AEM archetype? (Choose two.)

  • A. JUnit
  • B. Selenium
  • C. PowerMock
  • D. Mockito
  • E. Hobbes

Question #31Topic 1

An application development team needs to create a multi-channel application that uses AEM as a headless CMS.
Which feature should be used to maintain structured data for this application?

  • A. Static template
  • B. Content fragment
  • C. Experience fragment
  • D. Custom component

Question #32Topic 1

The following anchor tag is not resolving:
<a href =“item.path” >{}</a>
Upon further inspection the developer notices that the link has no .html appended to the end of the URL.
What could be a potential fix for the issue?

  • A. <a href=“item.path@extension =’ html’” >{}</a>
  • B. <a href=“item.path@context =’ unsafe, fragment =” >{}</a>
  • C. <a href=“item.path@append =’ html’” >{}</a>
  • D. <a href=“item.path@context =’ html’” >{}</a>

Question #33Topic 1

A developer needs to create a project based on AEM Project Archetype with a specific AEM as a Cloud Service SDK version on the local environment.
Which two properties must be defined when creating this project? (Choose two.)

  • A. aemVersion=cloud
  • B. sdkVersion=2022.5.7575.20220530T152407Z-220401
  • C. sdkVersion=latest
  • D. aemVersion=latest
  • E. aemVersion=2022.5.7575.20220530T152407Z-220401

Question #34Topic 1

In an AEM as a Cloud Service environment, which repository areas are considered as immutable?

  • A. /content and /libs
  • B. /content and /etc
  • C. /apps and /libs
  • D. /apps and /content

Question #35Topic 1

On package install content that is already present in the repos must not be overwritten and if not present in the repos it must not be removed.
Which import mode should the developer use?

  • A. update
  • B. replace
  • C. merge

Question #36Topic 1

Which AEM dependency provides APIs for all AEM environments?

  • A. 
  • B. 
  • C. 
  • D. 

Question #37Topic 1

A development team is starting a new AEM project that is going to integrate with the Adobe Commerce platform. The developer needs to create a new AEM project using the Maven command line interface.
How can the ‘mvn -B archetype:generate’ command help the developer with the integration between AEM and Adobe Commerce?

  • A. Using the property ‘commerceModule=AdobeCommerce’ can provide a path to an external jar that integrates between the platforms.
  • B. Using the property ‘aemVersion=cloud’ automatically provides a report with integration guidelines.
  • C. Using the property ‘includeCommerce=y’, the command will generate specific Commerce Core Components.

Question #38Topic 1

What is the recommended path to override /libs standard functionality?

  • A. /conf
  • B. /apps
  • C. /content
  • D. /libs

Question #39Topic 1

Which Maven plugin checks if all the requirements declarations made in OSGi bundles are satisfied by the capabilities declarations of other bundles included in the Maven project?

  • A. maven-enforcer-plugin
  • B. maven-assembly-plugin
  • C. content-package-maven-plugin
  • D. aemanalyser-maven-plugin

Question #40Topic 1

An AEM development team is working on a new multi-country application using AEM as a Cloud Service. A developer has been assigned the task for building the integration with a third-party web service. A secret key is needed to connect with this web service. The website creators will provide this key. The key is different for each type of environment (dev, stage and production).
What is the recommended way to make the secret key available in the AEM application?

  • A. Use a context aware configuration
  • B. Read the key value from a property file stored in the code base
  • C. Use an environment variable which is then consumed by an OSGi configuration
  • D. Read the key value from OSGi configuration stored in run modes

Question #41Topic 1

Which option should be used to synchronize user data across publish servers in a publish farm?

  • A. Sling Content Distribution
  • B. Vault plugin
  • C. CURL
  • D. Replication Agents

Question #42Topic 1

Which type of Cloud Manager tests are enabled for all Cloud Manager production pipelines and cannot be skipped?

  • A. Code Quality Testing
  • B. Experience Audit Testing
  • C. UI Testing
  • D. Functional Testing

Question #43Topic 1

Which tool should a developer use to look up Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) users by email and return their IMS IDs?

  • A. Developer Console
  • B. User Mapping Tool
  • C. IMS Lookup Tool
  • D. Cloud Acceleration

Question #44Topic 1

What two types of testing are available OOB in AEM Cloud Manager Pipeline? (Choose two.)

  • A. Code Quality testing
  • B. Performance testing
  • C. UI testing
  • D. Penetration testing
  • E. Integration testing

Question #45Topic 1

What is Out of Scope for the Pattern Detector tool, while doing an AEM upgrade?

  • A. OSGi bundles exports and imports mismatch
  • B. Backward Compatibility with the previous AEM Version
  • C. Definitions of Oak indices for compatibility
  • D. rep:User nodes compatibility (in context of OAuth configuration)

Question #46Topic 1

An AEM as a Cloud Service implementation customer wants content to be replicated as soon as the On Time and Off Times are reached.
What must the developer configure?

  • A. Enable Auto Replicate via On Off Trigger Configuration
  • B. Enable On Time or Off Time via Page Properties
  • C. Configure the Publish content tree via Workflow Models

Question #47Topic 1

The OSGi configuration is added to a runmode specific configuration “” in AEM as a Cloud Service. The application fails to read the configuration.
What is a possible cause of this issue?

  • A. The custom OSGi configuration runmode used (i.e., “”) is not supported in AEM as a Cloud service.
  • B. OSGi configuration runmodes cannot be installed automatically on AEM as a Cloud Service. We need to install them as a package using the Package manager.
  • C. AEM as a Cloud service does not support OSGi configuration runmodes.
  • D. Only <service> specific OSGi configuration runmodes like “” or “config.publish” are supported in AEM as a Cloud service.

Question #48Topic 1

Which AEM as a Cloud Service role can configure or run pipelines?

  • A. Deployment Manager
  • B. DevOps
  • C. Developer
  • D. Program Manager

Question #49Topic 1

A customer who is running an AEM application on premise reports that the application is slowing down over time and even crashes. The issues seem to start occurring after a new production deployment. The AEM developer knows that the described symptoms could be caused by a memory leak.
Which two steps should be taken after confirming the problem is related to a memory issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Open the error log and look for messages with ‘OutOfMemoryError’
  • B. Create a heap dump for analysis
  • C. Analyze the request log and make sure the number of requests are below the expected threshold
  • D. Increase the cache ratio of the application
  • E. Create a thread dump for analysis

Question #50Topic 1

An AEM Developer needs to migrate to AEM as a Cloud Service from AEM version 6.4. The AEM Developer is not able to run the Best Practice Analyzer.
What is preventing the Best Practice Analyzer from running?

  • A. The AEM Developer is not an admin or does not have administrator rights.
  • B. Best Practice Analyzer is not supported on AEM version 6.4.
  • C. Best Practice Analyzer should run on Publisher instead of Author instance.

Question #51Topic 1

An AEM application was recently upgraded to AEM v6.5. The developers found that old workflows were no longer getting instantiated. What could be the root cause for the workflows to stop working?

  • A. Workflow models are defined in /var/workflow/models
  • B. Workflow models are defined in /conf/global/settings/workflow/models
  • C. Workflow Launchers are in /conf/global/settings/workflows/launcher/config
  • D. Workflow models are defined /etc/worktlow/models

Question #52Topic 1

AMS recommends a team to upgrade AEM servers with In-Place Upgrade because the existing version has reached EOL. What are two disadvantages of performing an In-Place Upgrade to the lastest version of AEM? (Select two)

  • A. Content revision history is not preserved
  • B. ACLs, users, and groups are lost
  • C. Depending on the version difference between the old and new instances, the upgrade can be a long and arduous process.
  • D. Complex developer setup and automation of upgrade process
  • E. Content Migration is required.

Question #53Topic 1

A developer is working on a project based on cote component. The client requests that text pasted inside the Text component should be stripped of all styling and formatting. The developer needs to override RTE plugin implementation and change the default paste (CTRL + V) behavior. Which paste option should the developer add to achieve this?

  • A. pasteMode=text
  • B. defaultPasteMode=plaintext
  • C. defaultPasteMode=text
  • D. pasteMode=plaintext

Question #54Topic 1

What is the default value for AC Handling when creating packages?

  • A. Merge
  • B. Overwrite
  • C. MergePreserve
  • D. Ignore

Question #55Topic 1

Which query parameters need to be added and set to true to debug a CQ HTML client library in the AEM author?

  • A. debugClientLibs
  • B. debuggerClientLibs
  • C. debugClientLib
  • D. debuggerClientLib

Question #56Topic 1

Which OSGi configuration values can be used in an AEM as a Cloud Service implementation?

  • A. Inline, restricted, environment-specific
  • B. Inline, secret, environment-specific
  • C. Inline, restricted, runmode-specific
  • D. Inline, secret, runmode-specific

Question #57Topic 1

Which notable change should the developer be aware of in order to distribute content in AEM as a Cloud Service?

  • A. Removal of touch UI
  • B. Removal of replication agents
  • C. Removal of tree activation
  • D. Removal of publish content tree workflow

Question #58Topic 1

When will a page be cached using ignoreurlparams configuration in dispatcher?

  • A. When a request URL contains one of the parameters is ignored, the page is cached
  • B. When a request URL contains a suffix to be cached, the page is cached
  • C. When a request URL contains parameters that are all ignored, the page is cached

Question #59Topic 1

An AEM environment is cloned , and the domain and IPs are changed. What must be reconfigured for content activation to work?

  • A. Transport URI of the flush and replication agents
  • B. Transport URI in dispatcher configuration
  • C. User of replication agents
  • D. User of flush agents

Question #60Topic 1

An AEM Developer needs to build out a project that contains only the required modules. Which most recent AEM Archetype module is optional?

  • A. ui.tests
  • B. ui.frontend
  • C. ui.content
  • D. ui.launcher

Question #61Topic 1

A client has asked to share ab HTML version of test coverage report for the AEM project. What plugin should the AEM developer use to generate test coverage report using lastest archetype?

  • A. 






  • B.






  • C. 






  • D.






Question #62Topic 1

A project requires sharing information between SPA components. What is the least complex approach to achieve that objective?

  • A. Implement a state library in order to share component states
  • B. Centralize the logic and broadcast to the necessary components
  • C. Utilize model props to drill down and access or set the state on desired components
  • D. Customize and extend the container component to leverage the object hierarchy

Question #63Topic 1

How should a developer add additional packages that are needed by the application production to the package-lock.json file?

  • A. add to the “devDependencies: { … }” section
  • B. add to the “script : { … }” section
  • C. add to the “dependencies: { … }” section

Question #64Topic 1

Which property of dispatcher configuration allows some custom HTTP headers to be passed from a client browser to an AEM instance?

  • A. /httpheaders
  • B. /passthroughheaders
  • C. /clientheaders
  • D. /headers

Question #65Topic 1

An AEM developer is assigned a task to design workflow. The workflow is supported to collect data from participant and then determine the reviewer/approver branch to proceed further. Which workflow step should be used by the developer?

  • A. From Participant Step
  • B. Dynamic Participant Step
  • C. Workflow Initiator Participant Chooser
  • D. Dialog Participant Step

Question #66Topic 1

An AEM application must process a high volume of content ingestion on the author server. What is a key factor to optimize a design for overall performance gain for implementing workflows?

  • A. Use Transient workflows
  • B. Use Schedulers to run the workflows only on weekends
  • C. Allocate more RAM for the content ingestion up front
  • D. Run garbage collection every time content ingestion occurs

Question #67Topic 1

Which practice should be used to push a code fix to make it into the current release candidate?

  • A. Create a new release candidate from the master branch
  • B. Make the fix locally and upload the package to where the release candidate is deployed
  • C. Cherry-pick the fix commit into the release candidate
  • D. Make the fix in CRX where the current release candidate is currently deployed.

Question #68Topic 1

A developer needs to create a new AEM project with a global 404 custom error page using the AEM Project Archetype. Which property should the developer use?

  • A. includeExamples=y
  • B. includeGlobalErrorHandler=y
  • C. include404ErrorPage=y
  • D. includeErrorHandler=y

Question #69Topic 1

How should a developer create a custom log configuration?

  • A. Create<identifier>.xml file under config <runmode> folder
  • B. Create<identifier>.xml file under config <runmode> folder
  • C. Create com.adobe.commons.log.LogManager.factory.writer-<identifier>.xml file under config <runmode> folder

Question #70Topic 1

After defining a Sling Model, what step is required to enable JSON export any component?

  • A. Annotate the Sling Model interface.
  • B. Install Jackson library in AEM
  • C. Use Sling Resource Merger
  • D. Create an OSGI configuration.

Question #71Topic 1

A developer is using sling context-aware configuration trying to get the configuration resource using?

private ConfigurationResourceResolver cfgResourceResolver;
     configResource = cfgResourceResolver.getResource(resource, BUCKET_NAME, CONFIG_NAME);

This works as intended in author and in publish when logged in to publish as admin.However this gives a null when run as anonymous. Which method is going to fix the issue?

  • A. Applying read permissions to anonymous user for /content directory.
  • B. Applying read permissions to anonymous user for /conf directory.
  • C. Applying write permissions to anonymous user for /conf directory.
  • D. Applying write permissions to anonymous user for /etc directory.

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